RDA Plans

Riverfront Redevelopment Update
Historical Perspective

Prepared by Gary Becker, Project Manager

This is a presentation given to city council in March 2017 to give background on the Riverfront Development project.

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Redevelopment Area #2

Amendment #1

This is an amendment to the City of Stoughton’s Redevelopment Area (RA) #2 Project Plan and boundary under §66.1333(6).

With the prevalence of older buildings in the downtown, it is important to continually reinvest in the structures to make sure they meet the necessary building codes and provide the modern amenities that residents and businesses require. The RA #2 plan, as amended, will help implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan by encouraging mixed-use development in the downtown core.

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TID 5 Redevelopment-1.jpg

TID 5 Redevelopment

This project plan has been compiled to create Tax Increment District #5 (TID #5) and amend the boundary of Redevelopment Area #1 (RA #1) in the City of Stoughton. The plan establishes a need for the district, the proposed improvements within the district, an estimated time schedule, and an estimated budget. The plan also includes a detailed description of the Tax Increment District (TID) and boundaries.

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RDA Redevelopment

This Rail Corridor Neighborhood Plan builds off of the previous planning efforts for the City of Stoughton’s Rail Corridor area. It provides a Preferred Development Plan to spur redevelopment of the area, and also discusses methods for revitalizing existing housing in the area.

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Redevelopment Area #1 Project Plan

The Railroad Corridor Redevelopment Area is located in the south east quadrant of the City of
Stoughton. The planning area is bounded by the Yahara River to the south, the property lines
behind homes facing Lynn St. to the east, 4th St. south of South St., and 5th St. north of South
St. to the west, and the northern property boundaries of numerous parcels facing Main St.
between 5th St. and Hillside Ave. to the north. Map 1 (in Appendix C) shows the planning area

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