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Riverfront Redevelopment Design Charrette

Stoughton Riverfront Redevelopment Planning and Design Charrette*

The Riverfront Redevelopment Charrette* is the first step in designing and planning for the use of about 10 acres in and around the old MilFab Buildings. The general public, stakeholders, developer, architect, and consultants will be part of the process. The public and local stakeholders will be led though brainstorming sessions to gather ideas about the layout of the development, type and amount of greenspace, building design, type, height etc. An architect will be present to sketch out ideas while the developer will be present to listen to the community’s ideas. All of these ideas will guide the developer to design a site that embodies the community’s vision. The final product will go through many stages of review with the public able to give feedback along the way.

Below is the schedule for the public brainstorming and virtual site tours. If you wish to participate in a group brainstorming session please be there at the start of the workshop time otherwise individuals can come at any time listed below to give feedback on the site design and plan. On Sunday an Open House will be held to review the results and have a community potluck.

Schedule of Sessions for the General Public





June 9, 2017 Friday


Guided discussion on topic: Functional Diagramming

EMS Conference Room



Guided discussion on topics: Topography, Open Space, Viewsheds

EMS Conference Room

June 10, 2017 Saturday


Guided discussion on topics: Building Design/Mix of Uses

EMS Conference Room



Virtual Site Tour

EMS Conference Room



Virtual Site Tour

EMS Conference Room



Guided discussion on topics: Connections/Circulation Topics

EMS Conference Room



Virtual Site Tour

EMS Conference Room

June 11, 2017



Guided discussion on topics: Energy, Brownfield, Soil, Stormwater

EMS Conference




Summary Open House/Potluck

EMS Conference Room

* a charrette is an intensive planning session where citizens, designers, and stakeholders collaborate on a vision for a development. It provides a forum for ideas and offers the unique advantage of giving immediate feedback to the designers. More importantly, it allows everyone who participates to be a mutual author of the plan.

Earlier Event: May 9
Charrette Design Team Tour
Later Event: June 14
Redevelopment Authority Meeting