The Stoughton RDA assists developers in the target area.  We are here to assist you in making projects in Stoughton a reality.

Environmental Remediation Assistance

The Stoughton RDA embarking on a comprehensive program to identify underutilized and blighted properties and to redevelop these properties to make them community assets once again.  Working with private and non-profit developers to create new housing opportunities on former industrial properties; bringing abandoned gas stations and automobile repair facilities back to productive use; improving deteriorated housing stock; and creating opportunities for new businesses and employment in areas that at one time were the heart of Stoughton's local economy are some of the key objectives of the RDA's mission. 

Expedited Project Permitting and Zoning

 Process and typical timeframe required to secure necessary permits for construction and improvements including:

Expediting the approval process                                                                              

- City Council is willing to expedite approvals for permitting that is within the control of the City. 
- Site and Building Plan Approval can usually be accomplished within 60 to 90  days.

Who governs the permitting process

- Local permitting is regulated by the City Council and the Planning  Commission.
- The City can provide assistance with any State and federal permits required

Costs of permitting and associated waivers

- City of Stoughton Building Permit Fees:

- Construction/plumbing/electric/HVAC - $.24/sq. ft.
- Zoning Permit - $300
- Sprinkler Fee - $170
- Storm Water - $150 plus $.008/sq. ft. of impervious area created.
- Erosion control - $400 plus $.006/sq. ft. of disturbed area

- Some permit fees may be TIF eligible.